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Bamboo swaddle HIGH TIDE

Brand: Yellow Meadow
Shipping time 5 to 7 days

Bamboo swaddle

Fabric: 100% bamboo

Exceptional bamboo swaddle blanket featuring our original pattern will make a perfect complement to the bamboo robe you've chosen. Lightweight, breathable, irresistibly soft against your baby's skin, it is a number one item in your baby bag. Made out of 100% bamboo textile, guarantees full comfort: it absorbs moisture, neutralises odours, is antibacterial and anti-allergic. Most of all,  it is divinely soft.

This swaddle blanket will be tucked around your baby to make her feel safe and comfy in the new reality, both at home and in the pram. Makes a great  blanket, sheet, sunshield and so much more!

Made out of love for the little ones.

Designed and manufactured locally in Poland

Shipping worldwide.




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